Upcoming Video Games That Fall into Multiple Genres

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With so many people interested in games, it’s almost impossible to keep up with the growing number of games being developed each year. The pace is so fast, that many new games never see a chance to reach the public. This makes the variety of games in development more interesting since there is always something new to learn or play. Incoming trends in games can make you excited about what’s in store for you in the future.

If you’re looking forward to playing new games in the future, here are some of the most exciting upcoming games for consoles and PCs. ARK2 is one game that will be coming out in 2021. This game promises to deliver on the promise made by its developer, who has already earned a lot of critical acclaim for this game. Ark will be the first-ever space adventure game on the PC and it certainly looks as though it will reach massive success. Even though it will be a few years before its release, it’s worth checking out what the game has to offer you in the future.

Another popular upcoming video game for PCs and other gaming consoles is called Halo. The story behind the game is incredible and it’s set to become a huge success when it eventually releases. It’s highly anticipated by many hardcore Halo fans and it’s a promising game that will attract people of all ages. The graphics, sound, and overall concept are incredibly advanced for video games.

A couple of other games on the horizon are centered on mystery and horror. One such game is coming out in 2021. It’s called Amnesia: The Dark Crystals. This game is based on the same premise as the successful Amnesia game series. You play as Dr. Allen, who must investigate a series of mysterious attacks in London, using a combination of special items and other gadgets he must find the perpetrators. You’ll need all the help you can get as you try to solve the case and prevent more attacks.

A new IP is also being developed by one of the most respected game developers in the UK. This game is known as Star Wars: The Old Republic. BioWare, the makers of one of the best MMORPGs of all time, is developing a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. The developers are calling it Star Wars: The Old Republic 2.0. No official word has been given yet about the plot, but we can expect lots of new additions to the game and there will be more Star Wars characters added to the game as well.

Electronic Arts, the parent company of both EA and developer Electronic Arts, has other games in development for the publisher. Among them is The Lord of the Rings Online, another massively multiplayer online role-playing game. The game is in the beta stage right now and it will most likely be released after the end of 2021. The game will be available on all major gaming platforms including Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. Electronic Arts also have another IP in development, which is being called The Chronicles of Spell born.

Other video games being worked on by Electronic Arts are several RPGs that are coming to the next-gen consoles such as Xbox and PlayStation. Among these games are RPG classic Nanogears and the upcoming RPG/boarding game Ever Quest: Storm wrack. BioWare has several other successful RPGs in development such as Baldur’s Gate and Jade Empire. They have several RPGs in development for PSP, Nintendo DS, and Xbox.

Stay tuned to get the scoop on some of the latest video games and other exciting things that Electronic Arts is bringing out. You can subscribe to their newsletter so you will be the first to get a look at the newest releases. Or simply follow them on Twitter. I am sure you will be able to find something of interest. It is interesting to see where they are taking the industry. Who knows what the future holds for video games?

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