How to Play Games on Your Android Phone?

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You probably just heard about it from one of those press releases you see online. Fun Fact: Google is in talks with game developers to develop a new interface and games store for the mobile operating system (and possibly other platforms). What’s more, is that the beta versions are already available for a select few. So how much is Google Play Games going to cost?

FUNCTIONAL BUT SERIOUS. So many apps out there that claim to offer access to thousands of games or apps (many of which are free) but when it comes down to it, how much are they worth? Well, the answer lies in how many players are actively playing the games. Some apps claim to have thousands of players (including players from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and Germany) and then some only have a few hundred.

IAR PREDICTION. Google wants to provide its users with more apps that are more engaging. The new I ARC system will allow people to browse through an array of games by category, age rating, and most importantly, engagement. This is like how Apple has their app store called the App Store but what sets them apart is that their apps are always more engaging.

TAP AND PLAY. There are two distinct differences between the apps that are available on the Play Store versus the I ARC system. First off, it looks like it may be possible that Google is working on a mobile version of the Android TV platform which is rumored to be arriving later this year. Secondly, Google has decided to take advantage of the TV ecosystem by offering games that work on the small screen of your android phone (namely the iPhone) and also allowing you to play games on your TV with the integration of Google’s Chroma Key software which allows you to cast live TV to any Chroma Channel in your home, including your television.

CAST. Google Play Games hasn’t taken advantage of the multi-screen advantage of Chroma Key yet, but they’re certainly getting close. They currently have integrated support for cast video on the home screen folder of your Google Play app, as well as functionality that lets you cast to Chroma Channel. With the latest version of the app, you can also cast from your mobile phone to Chroma Key’s web browser. Cast support for Chroma Key will likely appear in future versions of the app, but for now, it’s only available for the mini, standard, and premium routes of the Play app.

SAVED GAMES. Currently, many people think that you must download a separate save file for every game that you play, but Google Play Games will soon let you save your games onto one open storage space. This means that all your saved Google games are stored in one place, ready for you to pull up at any time. This saves time because all you need to do is open the saved games folder and pull up your favorites.

PUT TO YOUR TV. Just like how you’d find games on a computer or your smartphone, you’ll be able to watch Google Play games on your TV with a simple search for your favorite game. Like the mini-app, you’ll be able to select and play from your library of installed apps, but you’ll also be able to cast from the TV itself by tapping on the Cast button on the main menu.

Finally, there’s no denying the fact that Android apps have revolutionized the way we do everything. The long-standing exclusion of downloadable games from most smartphones and tablet computers has been broken, and now gaming apps are available for every device. From casual gamers to avid gamers, everyday people across the world are discovering new ways to enjoy entertainment on their Android devices. So whether you’re looking for a relaxing, intellectual game to play with your friends or you want to jump into the action-packed life of a robot, you’ll be able to find an easy and fun way to get what you need on the go.

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